July 2017 Issue

Cult Critic Film Magazine Reviews: Fantaisie Impromptu

Fantaisie Impromptu

Jul 7, 2017

FANTAISIE IMPROMPTU Review by Panchali Kar A film by writer/director Duda Groter The visual ballad, Fantaisie Impromptu, traverses through the…

Cult Critic Reviews: Going the Distance

Going the Distance

Jul 3, 2017

GOING THE DISTANCE “You’re too far for my hands to hold you, but too near for my heart to love…

Cult Critic Film Magazine Interviews: Hao Dong

Filmmaker Hao Dong

Jul 3, 2017

FILMMAKER HAO DONG Interview by Shailik Bhaumik Filmmaker and Director Hao Dong (above) Hao Dong is an international award-winning filmmaker…

Cult Critic Reviews: The Neighbor

The Neighbor

Jul 1, 2017

THE NEIGHBOR A Film Review by Shevaun Cavanaugh Kastl Film by Director Giancarlo Ruiz “Only those who risk going too…