“The main message of Luis is about the young kids of this time, sometimes the parents don’t know what their children are doing and this are dangerous times, and about the consequences.”

By Yubo Fernández

The film Luis is about a father/son relationship being the father a heroic and decorated, strict police officer while his young son is just starting to discover sex, drugs and live temptations. The movie was screened during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, out of competition, with capacity attendance in a packed theater last Sunday. 

Luis is a Drama by one of the most active agent and Directors from the Dominican Republic Archie Lopez, his movies Lotoman (2011) and Tuberculo Gourmet (2015)  are two of the most blockbuster releases of all time in the Dominican Republic. 

Asked about the message of “Luis” Director Archie Lopez said: “The main message of Luis is about the young kids of this time, sometimes the parents don’t know what their children are doing and this are dangerous times, and about the consequences”

Before Cannes, LUIS was presented at Lincoln Center in NY which was really acclaimed. Archie is well known for her comedy blockbusters, even though “Luis” is a drama of social context, the director Is not planning on stick to it, saying, “I make movies of different content, I think people have to laugh, to cry and feel different emotions no matter the type of movie you make”.
Luis was supported by the incentives of Dominican Cinematography Law, which director Lopez said its a very convenient law for filmmakers around the globe, the delegation of DGcine in Cannes this year, leaded by its General Director Mrs. Ivette Marichal supported “Luis” and three others Dominican movies screened during the festival.
The movie cast of Luis is composed by young talented actor Axel Mansilla and veteran Actor/Director Alfonso Rodriguez, produced by Desiree Reyes and the distribution of “Luis” at this time is by Habanero Film Sales. 


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Cult Critic Film Magazine at Cannes 2017
Cult Critic’s Yubo Fernández interviewing Director Archie Lopez

Q: How do you describe yourself as Director?
A: I know what I want and have clear ideas. 

Q: Which are your favorite movies? 
A: Korean movies, cause the originality. You never know what’s going to happen, example “Old boy” by Director Park Chan-wook. 

Q: What is your opinion about the controversy of Netflix in Cannes? 
A: I think Cannes is right,  movies for TV are made to be seen on TV, Cannes has rules and the filmmakers has to accept it. Also is not the same to watch a film in a movie theater than in TV, it will never be the same magic. 

Q:  What advise would you give to young filmmakers ? 
A: Get out and make movies! This is a very interesting world. It could be shorts , documentaries or features. But you have to do it. 


Cult Critic Film Magazine: Yubo FernandezYubo Fernández is an Actress, Writer, Producer, Director and the Founder and President of Obuy Films. She lived in NYC, attended Atlantic Film School Workshops and returned to study cinematography at Santo Domingo’s Altos de Chavon School and studied under Claude Kerven, Chair of the Filmmaking Department at New York Film Academy. “How Do We kill Luisa”, “Peldanos de Dolor” and “Constanza” are three films that she’s produced. Yubo is also featured in several films from the Dominican Republic.