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Filmmaker: Kostadin Bonev

KOSTADIN BONEV: AN IMPORTANT DIRECTOR TO FOLLOW ”Globally, independent films are much more than films produced by big film companies. American independent cinema is stronger...

Raja Mukerji

FILMMAKER AND DIRECTOR: RAJA MUKERJI Interview by Shailik Bhaumik Image (above) Director and Filmmaker, Raja Mukerji Cult Critic's Shailik Bhaumik had an opportunity to get a brief...

Director Anna Brass

DIRECTOR: ANNA BRASS "In 2009 I read an article about the situation of refugees in Greece. Until that moment, I had thought that refugees were...

Jose Maria Cabral

JOSE MARIA CABRAL ”Being overwhelmed was part of the writing, I needed that heat to portray the prison as it is. I think every element...

Director: Dedipya Joshii

DIRECTOR: DEDIPYA JOSHII   "I don’t like the term 'Bollywood'. We have our own rich history and need not borrow any foreign name. It will be...
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