Sumit Singh

Oct 7, 2017

DIRECTOR SUMIT SINGH “I think the most important lesson I learned early on in my life was to understand these…

Mike Burstyn

Aug 9, 2017

DIRECTOR MIKE BURSTYN “Azimuth is my metaphor for what went on between us (Israel) and Egypt until they finally chose co-operation rather than…

Elcid Asaei

Aug 5, 2017

DIRECTOR ELCID ASAEI “I am no socialist, so my issue with regard to neo-liberal economy is not ideological. It is…

Cult Critic Film Magazine Interviews: Hao Dong

Filmmaker Hao Dong

Jul 3, 2017

FILMMAKER HAO DONG Interview by Shailik Bhaumik Filmmaker and Director Hao Dong (above) Hao Dong is an international award-winning filmmaker…

Cult Critic Interviews: Lisa Solotsinskya

Lisa Solotsinskya

Jun 4, 2017

LISA SOLOTSINSKYA “Having gained the necessary experience, the inconceivable becomes conceivable. Therefore, don’t be afraid and if you are afraid,…

Cult Critic Film Magazine Interviews: Raja Mukerji

Raja Mukerji

Feb 28, 2017

FILMMAKER AND DIRECTOR: RAJA MUKERJI Interview by Shailik Bhaumik Image (above) Director and Filmmaker, Raja Mukerji Cult Critic’s Shailik Bhaumik…