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Reviews (05-2017)

ELEGY FOR THE ARCTIC Review by Arindam Bhunia Tribute by Ludovico Einaudi & Greenpeace As we the human beings are successively progressing, the earth by degrees is...

Reviews (04-2017)

Colors Review by Panchali Kar Image (above) Avrora Mukhina and company from "Colors" Roopa Iyer 's film Colors tells a tale of unity amongst diversity. The story...

Reviews (03-2017)

The Tress of Hair By Panchali Kar Image (above) from “The Tress of Hair” Lisa Solotsinskya's short film “The Tress of Hair”, bridges the gap between...

Reviews (02-2017)

ON THE BRIDGE OF DEATH AND LIFE By Panchali Kar Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge On the Bridge of Death and Life documents the life of rescue worker...

Reviews (01-2017)

ONE BUCK By Miguel Ángel Barroso Image (above) the "One Buck" One Buck, is the title of a disturbing plot that shares equal parts with the thriller...
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