Mahul Wood International Film Festival

First time screening of the MAHUL WOODS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (MWIFF) was held on 22nd June 2019 at the District Science Centre of Purulia, a naturally beautiful town in West Bengal, India. The screening was inaugurated by the noted actor Kuchil Mukherjee. Festival Director Triptayan Chatterjee conducted the programme. It was hosted by the graceful Aindrila Chatterjee who touched a chord among the audience. More than two hundred film lovers were present to experience the first international film festival in Purulia. It was indeed a happy occasion.

The notable factor is that a good numbers of films were submitted to the festival from all around the world for screening at the festival. The films shown were from Azer Baizan, Iran, Egypt, India, China and many other countries. It was truly a global endeavor. The films shown dealt with humanism, social problems, individual relationship, and nature. Spectators were mesmerized and  the auditorium was filled with a wonderful silence as if under a spell during the screening.


In the opening speech, the festival director Triptayan Chatterjee explained the aim of the festival  and what is it about. He stressed that Purulia is a remote Indian town located in a plateau area with a beautiful landscape. Purulia has its own unique cultural identity. But this wonderful place has not been able to place itself in the international arena. MWIFF has kept in mind that these qualities of Purulia should be highlighted and the film festival is the only way. He added that MWIFF is always committed in showcasing independent filmmakers from around the globe to show their wonderful creations. He is hopeful that this festival will bring a lot of film personalities here and will indirectly also provide them with locations for their future projects.

MAHUL WOODS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is a festival sponsored and powered by Kolkata based organization Human Lab Corporation. In the interactive session with the viewers conducted by the Chairman and Managing Director of the company Shailik Bhaumik said that Human Lab Corporation works for independent filmmakers from around the globe  to showcase their unique artistic works. The organization is committed to produce independent films and to distribute those films as well.

MAHUL WOODS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is another feather to the glorious cap of Human Lab Corporation. After successful launching of four international festivals, this one has been the most unique from all aspects. A viewer Subhasish Guha Neogi replied when asked about his views about this enterprise  “We are very much pleased to have such a festival on our own soil. We would like to expect more and more arrangement like this one. We will be waiting for the next screening.”

The festival was overwhelmingly successful in view of all aspects. A significant  source revealed to Cult Critic that the festival would continue here  in the same hall of Purulia in future. The next date of screening will be revealed soon.

The social issues were the backbone of the films shown in the festival. Be it  the single parent problem in Egypt or the heart-wrenching tale of common people turning into a murderer due to the social pressure. In other films also the same theme has been depicted through different story lines. But more or less the tone of the films screened were socially-bound. They carried in themselves messages to inspire the audience to become socially more responsible.

A few films have been shown about nature. An experimental film was shown which tells the story of the post-modern magic realism. It is rare that any festival has depicted magic realism films in their screenings. Added to it, the films on nature were also very much important. A natural place like Purulia has been reminded that nature should be preserved. otherwise we would only bring destruction to humanity at large. All the films shown in the one-day film festival were compact with thoughts and actions.

It has been observed that many peoples who did not get the scope to be in such a film festival before were present there. In the interactive session, their questions were showing how far a man will go for the films. Different questions were being answered. Not only that, the most spectacular part of the film festival is  the introductions and explanations of the films by the host and the festival director which created another attraction in the festival.

A little bit arrangement of the refreshment also made the venue attractive. The hall was good with its working electronic arrangement and the presentation was also unique. The chairs were filled up by the innumerable viewers even it was raining  cats and dogs outside.

Mahul Woods film festival is not an extravaganza. But the simple and properly oriented planning is unique. The films were shown in the backdrop of the banner of MWIFF and it’s partner Filmfreeway. The submissions were being taken online for the last two months from the date of the screening. A few filmmakers and directors were present there. As their films were awarded, they were given the certificate of honor and trophy before the viewers. Among them the Global Love by Tejas Gandhi stood out.

The chairman of the organization Shailik Bhaumik also said that all the famous international film festivals  are actually being held in the other part of the world. But there are many film lovers who, in spite of being interested can’t afford to attend those. So an international film festival has been arranged in a remote place so that the film lovers of the region can get involved in film making and film research in the near future. That is the motto of Mahul Woods international film festival. 

It was still raining outside the hall when the event was wrapped up. People were still coming though. This inspiration will make Mahul Woods International Film Festival run a long race in future. You can check the festival clicking this link

Submit your film to MWIFF by clicking the below tab.


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