Directed by Jaroslaw Gogolin / Reviewed by Biplab Das

Jaroslaw Gogolin resurfaced the memories of the Soviet era through Superior Being: Stardust. As a scriptwriter, he especially connected multiple dots. The story revolves around modern-day Russia and the people who still fascinated about the affairs of the Soviet Union. The story mainly encircled around the lives connected to the Soviet’s invasion of Afghanistan. Poland’s relationship with the Soviet Union also been depicted in the movie. Modern-day historians are still amazed at how the Soviet Union operated. Military affairs, post-war mysteries, and a whole lot of other things have been covered in the film. KGB’s mysterious role in finding the solution is another interesting facet of Superior Being: Stardust.

The film involves different characters with different types of shades. All the characters are mischievous in their way.  The way post-Soviet era life phased out in Russia along with its former allies is interestingly showcased here.

One of the main characters in the movie is Ewa. Different aspects of her life are stitched in a way that makes the movie intriguing. The multiple layers in her character are great to explore. It is interesting to know how people from KGB track people who consider them suspicious.

The film blends many aspects of the life of the Soviet era and modern-day Russia. The onus is on the audience’s shoulders to find out who is the Superior Being: Stardust in the most.

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