Cult Critic Film Magazine is a monthly digital publication that concentrates on the art and business of independent filmmaking. Specifically designed as a digital conduit for indie and art house filmmakers, Cult Critic is one component within the Human Lab Corporation Studios business model. HLC is the umbrella company providing a complete array of supporting mechanisms for the indie filmmaker from festival to distribution.

Cult Critic provides media and public exposure for emerging art house and indie filmmakers in tandem with HLC’s international film festivals. Winning filmmakers benefit from the extra attention the magazine provides which embellishes their overall experience, resume and professional development. Cult Critic is also a resource for interviews, technical tips and historical exposés on ground breaking artists and their achievements within the industry.

With columns written by industry professionals, Cult Critic also brings to bear the market trends in digital entertainment and filmmaking worldwide. More of a trade publication than a movie tabloid, Cult Critic serves as a network for filmmakers to advertise, share their expertise, interact and grow within a more self-reliant and autonomous structure. Cult Critic Film Magazine launched its first digital edition in January of 2017. The magazine is published by a staff of artists, filmmakers and business professionals working collectively from all around the world.