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Dear Cinephiles,

A very Happy New Year and welcome to 2022! This is the year of the future and we are at the precipice of making history in the world of independent filmmaking. Incredible stories; touching lives and times around the world have been reaching us since our inception; but they have truly reached an exceptional level since the last year. Advances in filmmaking technology and an exposure to how the world thinks has propelled artists to think in a larger scale. Showing the wider world through the microcosm of a short project – a “synecdoche” has become the ubiquitous way of making films now. Stories are more personal, more intimate while being very universal at the same time. Incredible, isn’t it? Do check out our shop section for exciting Cult Critic exclusive merch and the Services section to connect with us by sending in your films. This is just the start to a wonderful year with more exciting things just around the corner. Cheers to us all!



Sayantan Mukherjee

Editor in Chief



Assassin League | An Interview...

Interviewed by Barry John Terblanche Assassin League tells the story of a society has lost trust in government agencies like the C.I.A, Foreign Intelligence, Special...

Films of The Month

In the Blink Of An Eye

  Directed by Dhruv Behl  | Reviewed by Debopam Deb Roy In the Blink of An Eye is a Hindi short film written and directed by...








Festival News

London Lift-Off Film Festival

A report by Samiksha Periwal The London-Lift Off Film Festival is one of the most prominent platforms for independent screenwriters and filmmakers to showcase their...

Top Three Film Festival Submission Platforms

About Festival Submission Websites   FilmFreeway:  This Canadian company was founded in 2014 by a group of web developers.  Its’ creators have kept in mind all the...

Golden Fox Awards 2020

  The 3rd Annual event of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival(CICFF) i.e., Golden Fox Awards 2020 was held on 27th January 2020 in front of...


The Ten Best Grants For Female Filmmakers

Let Your Ideas Move You Forward By Shahrzad Dadgar  When artists are frustrated by the ordinary obstacles in their career, they chose a new path, The...

Hollywood Movies in China – More Than a Business?

Hollywood Movies in China – More Than a Business? Written by Anirban Mal Restrictions on film imports to China are already considerable for Hollywood; the country...

Web Series: The Future of Entertainment

Web Series: The Future of Entertainment Written by Arindam Bhunia Tired of the same boring programmes on your television? Turn off your television sets. In fact,...