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Dear Cinephiles,

It is only through hardship that great things are achieved. Although this statement is old, it still rings true even now. The hardest challenges a filmmaker has to face in order to make their dreams into reality is quite commendable and is only understood by those who work with them. Often, the result is not satisfactory and doesn’t get the desired reaction from its audience but a filmmaker cannot lose hope. He/she is turning their thoughts into reality and enclosing it all in a film! And this can never be an easy task. We see more such fantastic examples from filmmakers around the world this month again and it is always a delight to be enlightened by their work. Filmmaking life for the win!

Rupanjali Pramanik

Editor in Chief



Love Ghost Films | An...

Interviewed by Sabarno Sinha   Cult- It was quite remarkable to note that your second film Ghostlove has been very successful. It has been selected to...

Films of The Month

Customer Service

Reviewed by Tonny Majumder | Directed by James Thomas Snyder   This James Snyder directed film, “Customer Service” deals with the feeling of solitary confinement and...

Scent Camera

13 Amsterdam Street






Festival News

Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival

A report by Kamalika Sarkar The Manchester Lift-Off Film Festival is known for its contribution in bringing out the bona fide Independent genre of films...

London Lift-Off Film Festival

A report by Samiksha Periwal The London-Lift Off Film Festival is one of the most prominent platforms for independent screenwriters and filmmakers to showcase their...

Top Three Film Festival Submission Platforms

About Festival Submission Websites   FilmFreeway:  This Canadian company was founded in 2014 by a group of web developers.  Its’ creators have kept in mind all the...


Movie Etiquette in a Post-Covid-19 World

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash During the pandemic, nonessential businesses like movie theaters were forced to close their doors due to government restrictions. Thankfully...

The Ten Best Grants For Female Filmmakers

Let Your Ideas Move You Forward By Shahrzad Dadgar  When artists are frustrated by the ordinary obstacles in their career, they chose a new path, The...

Hollywood Movies in China – More Than a Business?

Hollywood Movies in China – More Than a Business? Written by Anirban Mal Restrictions on film imports to China are already considerable for Hollywood; the country...