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Editing Techniques


Movie, film, and cinema are not the same. Every term has its own meaning and flavor. But Editing is the backbone of a good film, a good movie or a good cinema.  It gives a film a lively flavor which can make the film an ultimate success. In the world of cinema, Editing has always played a vital role. Making a storyline perfectly projected it helps the filmmaker at the highest level. Practically Editing can only make a film successful in the sense of creative aspect. Specially the theme of the script, the screenplay, and the entire storyline gets a magnificent dimension with the help of good editing. There are different dimensions of techniques for editing. We would like to discuss the basic theoretical techniques which are related to the contents of the film and it is universally true that only the content is the life of a landmark cinema.


We don’t want to get ourselves involved in the mechanical or electronic aspects of film editing. What we want to throw light upon the techniques which can make the sense of a film editor grow more to edit a film in a more matured way. Actually, editing is the combination of the sequences according to the script. In the academic sense, an entire film is the combination of several shots. Every shot is a combination of some images. Every image tells the story of the theme. As the film does not get always a large span like a stage drama, a particular shot or image always makes its own span with the help of the frame of the camera. The shots are stored in the digital camera and work of an editor is to arrange the shots according to the demands of the script of the film. Here lies the most important aspect of the art called Editing. An Editor should first get the shots. Then he should go through the script and arrange the shots in accordance with the demand of the good script. If anywhere any fault goes with the editor then the flavor of the film gets damaged.


Digital editing machines has brought revolution in film making. Earlier the films were edited adding the film strips with film cement. It was a hard task. But modern technology has made it easier and made way to explain a film more delicately.  With the appropriate sense of shot arrangements and editor can make a film with the help of sophisticated modern machines. But it should not overshadow the real aim of the film making and should not overcome the content of the film. Some camera activities have also been added to the modern editing machines. But unfortunately, sometimes Editing gets so much importance that a particular scene can be entirely changed by it and the film gets a different meaning. It is very harmful to the film. Editing is not the last word in a cinema. It is only the unavoidable part of making a film. But in case of particularly in the experimental films, editing plays the pivotal role. A good film always has good editing. Abrupt and arbitrary editing can never make a film successful in the sense of a good cinema.


Film language is the life of the film. When a film gets good film language it turns into a good cinema and takes place in history. Film language has always placed the importance of the image rather than the words. Actually the expression of the image is the language of the cinema. To create the details of a film shot the images of that particular shots should be meaningful and significant. Here Editor will have to take care upon the meaning of the particular image and arrange the shots with appropriate cuts throughout the entire film. Though in modern times there have been many films which have entirely depended upon editing and special effects, but those have not been able to be a good cinema. It has left the space as a good technology only.


So, It can be said good editing is the measured application of the delicate arrangement of the shots justifying the demands of the script of the film. The measured use of the editing technology can only make a film cinematically successful.


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