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Top Three Film Festival Submission Platforms

About Festival Submission Websites



This Canadian company was founded in 2014 by a group of web developers.  Its’ creators have kept in mind all the critical reviews from filmmakers and made a noteworthy alternative — free, easy to use and appropriate service. Ithas been the fastest growing portal for submitting films online to the film festivals. This platform is extraordinary for a wide range of film festivals that accept films of any length and genre.

The key secret of its popularity is a successful business model which let festivals save money. The extra fee is collected only from the fee-paying festivals. The service is completely free for the filmmakers. It should be noted that this type of business is good only for the American marketplace, where almost all festivals accept submission fee. About 60% of the festivals in Filmfreeway’s database are USA based, including many Academy Award accredited festivals.


Festhome was founded in 2010 by two expert filmmakers in Spain. What attracted the filmmakers most was an opportunity to upload large files (up to 20 Gb) both for pre watching and festival screening. The film is kept at the server for 6 months since it’s downloaded the last time.

Festhome also offers some added facilities: buyingagents’ catalogue, converting files, film translation (3 euro per minute), making subtitles (4 euro per minute) and DCP (8 USD per minute for short films).

VOD service Indihome TV is an integral part of the platform.

WFCN (World Film Communities Network):

A fully comprehensive, film industry-supporting platform that focuses on bringing together all components of the industry under one roof. Launched in 2020, WFCN is the new horse in the race. Revolutionary in its practice, WFCN brings professional networking at your fingertips along with festival submission!

WFCN is 100% free for all festivals to sign up and enlist. They host a both ways search engine that allows festivals and submitters to search each other. Film makers can search for festivals and vice versa. Festivals no longer have to pay large sums of money to gain access to film submitter’s database. They, unlike their rivals, believe in transparency and don’t want to keep anything hidden on their platform.

Filmmakers can chat with festivals and submitters without any hindrances. You can network and connect with anyone without waiting long periods of time for replies to reach you. Ask questions, consult on queries and get responses within a few seconds.

Furthermore, as festivals, you get access to thousands of filmmaker’s works. Pick and choose from their vast database of film professionals and film lovers to invite to participate in your jury.

Film professionals can build on WFCN their professional resume. Use it as a tool in the hiring process. Submit details of your works and projects on your profile and attract employment.

WFCN is completely free for festivals that don’t charge submission fees. They charge a nominal fee from festivals that charge submission fees.

You can operate and function as a festival curator and receive submissions from all over the world. Furthermore, increase your submission by inviting film makers to submit to your festival.

What WFCN aims to do is bring the entire film industry in one platform and make it easy for all festivals and film professionals to work better and efficiently through it.



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