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The Red Chair



Directed by Joydeep Roy Choudhary | Reviewed by Samiksha Periwal

For most people, a chair is simply a non-living object used as furniture. However, it might sometimes be the only source of support in one’s life. This short film is an example of this, where a five-year-old girl, spends her entire day with a red chair that she considers to be her family. It tells the story of an orphan who yearns for her parents’ warmth and affection, meets the trials of growing up alone every day, and prepares herself to live in this frightening world. However, even imagining a situation in which such a helpless youngster is left to fend for herself is terrifying. Interestingly, the plot of this film concentrates around the brave child’s life and her approach of dealing with this unfortunate situation.

The story is set in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. It opens with a touching sequence starring Joon as a young and beautiful girl and her parents, Moumita and Indranil Chatterjee, respectively. It demonstrates how happy and close their family is. The scene quickly shifts to reality, and the present-day situation is that the girl’s parents are no longer alive, having died as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. The young lady doesn’t give up on life even after losing her entire family. She chooses a red chair as a support system which helps her perform all her day-to-day activities and acts as her only companion. She tries to live as normal a life as she can, despite how lonely she is. The question remains, however, whether such a young woman can live her entire life with just a red chair as a companion. We all know how difficult it is for someone to live their life on their own, so it must be even more difficult for a young girl to make it in this world.

This film tackled a number of realistic issues, like growing up as an orphan, dealing with the effects of a pandemic, losing a loved one, and, most importantly, surviving in a world full of difficulties and risks. Joon, the protagonist of the story, has done an excellent job in her role; her acting abilities are commendable and very realistic. This has undoubtedly aided in establishing a connection with the audience, allowing them to experience the emotions that the director wishes to convey through his story. The cinematography is quite simple, yet fits appropriately according to the storyline. Despite the fact that it is a silent film, it has a lot to say to its audience. The young child’s expressions and the hope she carries in her sensitive eyes, which are always looking for her parents, express it all. It aids in raising awareness among its viewers about the need to be cautious and protect oneself from the rapidly spreading illness. The repercussions of failing to take the safeguards that should be taken, have been expressed quite well in this film.

This is a film by Alarm Clock Productions. It was directed, cinematographed, and written by Joydeep Roy Choudhary. His contributions are certainly quite excellent, and he has put together a wonderful story that is both heartfelt and relevant in today’s world. Moreover, Jan Pardus’ background score is a relaxing one that complements the film’s environment wonderfully. Gabriel Ahuatzi, the editor, has also arranged the entire sequence in such a way that keeps the audience’s attention on Joon, the protagonist, allowing them to become thoroughly immersed in the story. The makers of this film have attempted to show the difficulties of survival in the face of the ongoing pandemic, with the goal of reaching a wider audience in order to elicit empathy and raise awareness among the masses regarding the unfortunate conditions.

The film is a huge success in terms of fulfilling its goal. The narrative truly touches your heart and makes you feel empathetic towards all those who have lost their loved ones in these uncertain circumstances.  All in all, it is a wonderful and heart-warming film which definitely deserves appreciation and should be added to your current watch-list.

Samiksha Periwal is an 18 year old student from Kolkata, West Bengal. She is an enthusiast, eager to learn and explore. She has done her schooling from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy, Kolkata and is currently a student of Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a triple major in BA Psychology, Sociology and English. She is a passionate writer and has won many laurels for her school through the years.


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