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Noa | An Interview with Eldar Bora

Spaceship, alien invasion and more in conversation with Eldar Bora.

Interviewed by Diyashi Sharma

Cult Critic (CC):You have been brought up in quite an artistic family, how has that influenced you in life?

Eldar: First of all, I would like to thank you and your festival for giving me this chance. It’s a great honor for me. The biggest difference of dogma in such a family is that you are always intertwined with art. In other words, you have the chance to be interested in all fields such as painting, sculpture, cinema, music, and this is a really nice thing. Of course, this helps a lot to find the way.

Cult Critic (CC): How did you come up with the idea of making this film?

Eldar: I was very interested in science fiction and space sciences since I was a kid, so it was always my dream to make science fiction movies. Although NOA is not a very professional film, it is one of my valuable films. Because we shot it with my friends with zero budget. I hope one day I can make Hollywood class movies on a better budget. This is one of my biggest dreams.

Cult Critic (CC): The color grading provides quite a surreal vibe to the film. What made you choose the red tone for the film?

Eldar: The plot of the movie takes place in the year 2200, the world has been invaded by aliens and the structure of the atmosphere has changed due to wars on Earth. That is why we decided to choose such a color to give that mood.

Cult Critic (CC): How many days did it take you to complete the entire project? Did you face any unique challenge?

Eldar: We shot this movie in 3 days. Edit took 1 month. Of course, there were setbacks. The weather conditions and our low budget made it very difficult for us. But we managed to overcome all of them with my valuable team.

I would like to thank my Director of Photography Aref Mehrang and my esteemed actor Arash Effatiye for being with me in these difficult times.

Cult Critic (CC): Why have you chosen to name your film Noa?

Eldar: I can’t say that because if I tell you what it means, the mystery of the movie will be broken. That is why the audience needs to find it.

Cult Critic (CC): What is your favorite genre for filmmaking?

Eldar: As you will understand in the previous questions, science fiction, fantastic and experimental projects have always intrigued me, but of course my favorite science fiction.

Cult Critic (CC): When did you realize you wanted to make films?

Eldar: My mother is an Iranian film actress, my family used to take me to the sets and theaters since childhood. I’ve always been curious about this art since then. I started acting in cinema and theater when I was 9 years old. However, when I was 15/16 years old, I realized that I liked directing more.

Cult Critic (CC): Do you believe aliens are trying to connect with us in real life? Or do you think it has already happened and we are unaware of it?

Eldar: I researched this topic a lot in my book From Astronomy to Cinema. and there I covered this issue in depth. Before answering this question, I think we should discuss whether there are aliens or not! If you do not accept the existence of aliens, the question will seem ridiculous to you anyway. But if you accept the existence of aliens, the answer to this question is obvious. My thoughts on this are as follows, there are 50 billion planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone (ie around us)! Well, wouldn’t it be selfish to say that we are alone?

Cult Critic (CC):  How does your involvement with various film and cine communities influence your work?

Eldar: As you know, I am the founder of International Cinema Community, apart from that, I am the organizer of 4 festivals. I have a very busy work schedule, I have become unable to spare even time for the communities I am a member of. But I still work day and night. These are tiring jobs anyway, so I got into this job as a scientist. but i’m in love with this job.

Cult Critic (CC): How do you juggling between being a researcher-reviewer and making films?

Eldar: Before I am a filmmaker, I am a researcher and a book writer. I try not to exaggerate in any of my films. I write and edit things according to what can happen. The movie should be based on what could happen and possibilities, not on

lies and exaggerations. This may be my biggest difference.

Cult Critic (CC): Back to your film, any anecdote from BTS you would like to share with us?

Eldar: Sometimes I wish I had chosen an easy branch like other filmmakers. But then I think to myself! And no, I say I love hard. It’s not easy to shoot dramas or documentaries, but it’s a thousand times harder to shoot science fiction. You have to have a big budget or be believable. At NOA we have shown that this can be done. It’s hard yes, but I still love this job. Science fiction is a universal language for me.

Cult Critic (CC):  Please share some information about your upcoming projects.

Eldar: He is preparing to shoot a feature film called ENOSIS soon. The subject of this movie will be space and science again. This movie will be about Love, Hate, Space and the destruction of the world.

Cult Critic (CC): Lastly, any piece of advice for budding filmmakers?

Eldar: Don’t take the easy way! Don’t listen to anyone who disappoints you, just read, write and shoot…




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